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  • Budget Development and Estimating - We practice a continuous process of cost controI during a project's lifecycle.

  • Value Analysis - Maximizes the impact of every project dollar spent. This includes cost analysis, identification of alternatives, construction feasibility, labor and material availability, and the effect on the project schedule.

  • Constructability Review - The preconstruction team reviews the design documents to ensure the project is in line with the customer's financial and facility needs and requirements. 




Construction Management

In Construction Management-at-Risk, Rhino will be responsible for all equipment, labor, materials, and other services necessary for the construction of the client's project. 

  • Experienced project team

  • Works with project owner to develop project budget and schedule

  • Proactive approach in identifying problems

  • Open line of communication between all team members

Design-build construction simplifies and streamlines the building process to save money and time. With a design-build solution from Rhino Construction, we work hand in hand with the architects from concepts to completion. 

Construction Management

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