Rhino Construction is fully qualified to assist you in completing your challenging project. Here are some important qualifications that set us apart:

  • Design Build – Rhino’s tried and true method of project delivery. We forge a single contract with you to provide architectural, engineering and construction. We are then held responsible for delivering your end product on time and within the budget. This team approach eliminates all finger-pointing. Simply, we’re responsible. This method is more effective at saving time and at using your budgets more wisely than the standard design/bid/build process.
  • Commercial Facilities – Rhino’s Design Build process is perfect for medical or professional business complexes, banks, commercial ventures and more! You don’t want to have everything done separately; you want it done under the responsible management of someone who takes responsibility for getting the job done right. Rhino ensures your projects will be on time and on budget.
  • Retail Facilities –  With a proven track record dating back to 2000, let Rhino partner with you on your next retail space! We understand the importance of accountability when it comes to meeting deadlines to ensure a successful turnkey project.  Jason Belew leads Rhino’s Retail team with over 12 years experience and over $103 million in project.
  • Religious Facilities – Rhino is a proud member of the National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB.com). We have NACDB Certified Church Consultants on staff to help utilize a national approach and introduce the latest trends for religious facilities. We love the Church and their ministry leaders! We understand your hurdles and help you jump higher within the budgets you’ve been given.
  • Construction Management – In 2007, Rhino added an autonomous division to deliver quality construction management for schools, churches, commercial and government entities. Marty Elliott leads Rhino’s team with 20 years experience and over $250 million in projects. This delivery method offers many of the same benefits of design build. This contractual method allows Rhino’s Team to collaborate directly with your design professional, provide realistic budgets, real world feedback and guaranteed pricing. Then we manage the project until it’s successfully done. What more could you ask for!

Whatever your project, Rhino has services that are practical, methodical, but yet creative. Contact us for our professional opinion and suggestions for delivering a successful project. We build with your future in mind.

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